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Quality: LOYAN Mold focused on quality and precision, we dedicated to produce injection molds & plastic molded parts that Exceeding our customers' requirements.Quality is first, for us, Without quality, nothing else matters. PMolds is your choice of Global Mold Outsourcing, Reliable manufacturer & designer of injection mold

Cost:In order to find a good joint point of the price and quality, the best approach to meet your budget requirements, we offer flexible tooling options. We are quite confident in our overall cost control then offer you more competitive price.

Lead Time:Our short lead time of mold making can meet your urgent requirement. For some special case in emergency, the lead time can be tailored for you through overnigth work with shift.

Experience: Our engineers have rich experiences in mould designing & manufacturing, mould process management. we can provide you valuable suggestion from the begining of quotation to finished products to perfect your project.